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Advertising agency ADEQUATE, along with "Bonus-Media" and "Adequate-interactive" is a part of a group of companies "BONUS GROUP".

Creativity. Advertising campaigns. Design. Internet.

Before we start talking about the relationship between creativity, advertising and social networking business, its better to realize, what creative and creativity are. Frequently used among business people, these words came from 90s. And it is not surprising that the first time, the word creativity sounded from the lips of advertisers. The word creativity in the Russian language, a derivative from the English word creative, which means imaginative, ingenious, inventive, original . We believe it often requires/involves a higher degree of creativity to recognize a new problem (that the standard way of doing something is semi-broken or that there's an empty artistic niche) than to figure out the solution to a problem posed by someone else. Also some historically important discoveries occurred when a person was trying to solve one problem or just fooling around and was flexible enough to realize that he/she had accidentally solved some other problem, maybe in some other field. Play is important for creativity, and it helps to not get too hung up on a narrow, specific goal.

What is happening with advertising campaigns and advertising in general? In recent years, do not cease debate about the relevance of strategies for advertising campaigns. Naturally, as a result of consumers' addiction to all of its forms, any advertising has ceased due to the impact on those to whom it actually refers to. Before becoming prime advertisers need to advertise so that at a minimum budget to achieve maximum results. And that is creative, novel idea helps to achieve this goal. In this case there is a need to find people and agencies who can come up with really creative idea.

When choosing an agency for the advertising campaign, have to try several agencies to assess the quality of ideas and service agencies. Business people are not able to ring up a large number of agencies to test them. In addition, any agency asserts that it is the most creative and dedicated. Good help in this matter may be specialized portals, which provides information on companies, talked about their work and merit.

Examples of such portals are www.sostav.ru, www.adme.ru, www.adindex.ru, www.4p.ru, www.mediaguide.ru, www.mediaatlas.ru, www.advertology.ru. On these resources you can find a directory of companies, market news advertising and marketing, analytical articles, business cards companies. The advantage of portals is the large number of tools for business, thanks to which, companies can easily establish communication with each other and choose the adequate agency. Independent reviews of market participants will help form your own opinion about the company's interests. And all of this is wasted little time. Thus, the advertising companies cannot do without the creative.

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